I used only makeup wipes, Vaseline for dry lips, and the odd acne treatment when I was 20 years old. So, it's fortunate that wisdom comes with age. Around age 25, I recognized it would take some effort to keep my skin looking youthful well into my 30s. Dr. Amy Perlmutter, a board-certified dermatologist at the New York Dermatology Center, tells SELF that the natural aging process typically starts in one's late 20s or early 30s. Skin becomes thinner as collagen production begins to decrease. Our skin becomes drier as a result of diminished sweat and oil gland function.

Sharon Lush, a skincare and beauty expert also reiterates that, “People who start incorporating these skincare tips in their twenties may notice a difference in the appearance and health of their skin compared to those who didn't. They may have fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, as well as a brighter, more even complexion. Additionally, they may be less likely to experience breakouts or other skin issues. Overall, starting a skincare routine early can help you maintain healthy, beautiful skin for years to come.”

However, caring for your skin doesn't have to be difficult. If you commit to these 10 skin-friendly behaviors in your 20s, you'll appear young forever. You can say "thank you" when you're over 35 and still receiving cards at the bar.

Instead of constantly using makeup wipes, wash your skin.

While face wipes are an excellent short-term solution, washing your face with soap and water is always preferable. Cleaning your skin every day may seem like an easy request, but it's crucial. "We lose 50 million skin cells a day," Mona Gohara, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, tells SELF. "All of the other things you do to assist your skin won't penetrate if you don't wash and exfoliate. It will adhere to the surface like a coating of dust. Make sure to flip the cleanser's container over and examine the ingredients before purchasing. Some products contain the same bubbly sulphates that are found in dish detergent.

A shower head is also a good option. According to Sanjay Gupta who owns a company that sells beauty products, " a shower head that has a built-in water filter can help remove impurities and chemicals from the water, such as chlorine and heavy metals, that can dry out or irritate the skin. This can be especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

Seriously, make it a habit to apply sunscreen every day.

 With all this sunblock talk, we're starting to sound repetitive. But in a skincare regimen, it is actually the most crucial step. According to Gohara, unprotected UV radiation is to blame for 90% of the aging symptoms. Your chance of developing skin cancer increases when you are exposed to the sun without protection. Finding a product that works with your everyday routine is crucial.

"I make the comparison of online dating. The relationship won't last if you apply the first sunscreen that smells or looks nice, claims Gohara. To make sure the sunscreen works into your lifestyle and your budget, you must date it. Finding makeup with sunscreen built in, like Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 ($48, sephora.com), is a simple way to incorporate everyday SPF 30. For reapplication throughout the day, Gohara also suggests powder formulations like the mineral one from Colorescience ($65; colorescience.com).

Use an antioxidant lotion every morning to shield your skin from free radicals and environmental toxins.

Dermatologist Dennis Gross, M.D. says that vitamin C, like all antioxidants, can help fight free radicals caused by all environmental aggressors, such as pollution and sun damage. Consider layering a vitamin C serum under your sunblock. It has skin-brightening qualities in addition to enhancing your SPF's safety. Purchase the $49.00 Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Anti Aging Collagen Booster.

Understand how to control the desire to pop every zit.

The possibility of long-lasting scarring is not worth the pleasure you get from removing a whitehead. In your 20s, you might notice that freckles or other skin discolorations that used to disappear don't anymore, according to Gohara. Therefore, popping pimples may result in permanent dark marks. Gohara suggests using Visine (yes, the same liquid you use on your eyes) and cortisone ointment instead to help lessen discomfort and redness. Use a benzoyl peroxide spot therapy, such as Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment ($9; target.com), to treat the acne.

Make an effort to get seven hours of slumber each night.

Seven to eight hours of sleep per night will help you attain clear skin among other wonderful benefits, which we could all use more of. Your cortisol levels may rise if you don't get enough slumber, according to Gohara. Additionally, increased cortisol levels encourage cutaneous inflammation. When you do eventually fall asleep, don't forget to maximize the skin's advantages by using an anti aging product like retinol.

Consider your skin when you eat.

Your diet can influence how your face looks (ever binge on pizza and then wake up with the first signs of a breakout?). So, including foods rich in zinc (oysters), vitamin E (seeds and nuts), and omega-3 fatty acids (wild-caught salmon) in your diet can help keep your skin clear and radiant.

Recognize that other areas of your body require care in addition to your face. Your neck and wrists deserve affection as well.

Dermatologists treat the face, neck, and décolletage together when it comes to hygiene, and you should too. All of your serums, creams, masks, and sunscreen should reach past your neck. The skin on your palms should also be taken into consideration, particularly when applying sunscreen. When women in their 40s enter, the first question they ask is, "What is this stain on my hands?," according to Gohara. It happens as a result of UV light entering the vehicle through the window. So be careful to apply SPF to your hands—and then reapply. Several other areas that are neglected are the forehead, the tops of ears, and the lips.

Regular exfoliation is advised.

Exfoliation doesn't need to be a time-consuming hygiene procedure. Dead skin cells can be removed with something as easy as a microfiber towel (yes, the same one used to clean cars). The skin can also be made more radiant by using chemical exfoliants that contain ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid. Chemical exfoliants remove the skin's top layers by weakening the lipids that hold them together, exposing healthy skin cells beneath the dull, dead skin cells.

To relieve tired eyes, use a hyaluronic acid-containing substance.

According to Engelman, hyaluronic acid has the capacity to retain water. Because it's such a good hydrator for the skin, it will undoubtedly offer a superficial plumping effect to help with fine lines. Therefore, apply an eye cream containing this potent ingredient when your eyes start to appear a little tired after a long night of working (or partying). You don't absolutely need to purchase a different product because many face moisturizers already contain hyaluronic acid; after all, no one needs more bottles in the bathroom.